32 Annuals That Bloom All Summer: Top Rated Guide

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  • Date: November 22, 2022
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It’s time to think about gardening. When annuals come back year after year, there’s also the need to have some annual flower blooming through summer.

It may need a little more preparation, but it’ll give you an abundance of flowers and color.

The first thing you’ll need is a plan for your garden and an understanding of what type of flower you’re looking for, whether it’s sun-loving or shade tolerant.

With that in mind, here are some of the best annuals for summer blooms: This article will explore some of the best annual flowers to bloom all summer. Annuals that bloom all summer are annual flowers that come back year after year and bloom throughout the summer months.

They typically have a long blooming season, starting in spring or early summer and continuing all the way through late fall or winter, depending on annual temperatures.

These 32 annuals are almost always annual flowering plants, which means they will not re-seed themselves for future years of growth.

1. Begonias:

Annuals That Bloom All Summer

Begonias grow well in containers, so they’re a great choice for balconies and gardens with unusual shapes.

Begonia plants come in various colors, including red and pinkish-purple petals with white centers or all white flowers. They like growing indoors where it’s warm, but begonias can even survive in the partial shade outside.

The flowers of begonias keep blooming and eventually produce small round fruit that is red or orange. While begonias are perennial plants, they need to be replanted every year to get the most out of them.

2. Bouncing Bet:

This annual is also a houseplant, but one can be grown outdoors from spring until the first frost. The best part about bouncing bet is its pink flowers that look like little pumpkins when they’re in the bud.  

3. California Poppy:

Annuals That Bloom All Summer

This flower looks like a wildflower and one that belongs in a prairie, not on your balcony or front porch. California poppies are pretty with their big blooms and orange, yellow, red, and white colors.

Their tall stalks make them perfect for borders around gardens or alongside walkways, so you get to see the plants at eye level as you walk by. While California poppies are perennial plants in most places, they need to be planted every year for the best results.

4. Cosmos:

Colorful cosmos flowers blooming in the garden.

What makes the cosmos so great is that it’s easy to grow from seed, and you can get a lot of flowers for your effort. Their colors range from white, pink, and purple, with large petals held together by a ruffle yellow ring in the center.  

Their unique look makes them stand out anywhere they’re planted, including garden beds or even containers on patios or porches.

\The seeds can also be sown directly into the ground if you want more control over where they grow, but starting them indoors means waiting longer for the flowers to bloom when summer comes.

Planting cosmos seeds in contact with your soil will give you earlier blooms since it helps them germinate faster.

5. Marigolds:  

Annuals That Bloom All Summer
Orange marigold flowers.

Marigolds aren’t just for borders and gardens. They can be grown in containers as annual flowers to have flowering plants through summer on your balcony or patio.

If you want many marigold blooms, plant more than one type together, so they have enough room to mature fully and separate them from other flowers if you’re growing them indoors since their leaves are known to give off a scent. That can make some people sneeze!

6. Zinnias:

Annuals That Bloom All Summer
Colorful zinnias in the garden.

There’s something about the star shape of zinnia petals that makes these flowers stand out from others in an ornamental basket or garden bed. These blossoms come in red, yellow, and orange colors and are annuals that you can grow in a variety of different-sized containers.

7. Burbs:  

As they’re also known, Angelonia, or burb annuals, look like little annual bouquets and make a great addition to flower arrangements. Their color ranges from white to pink, and the flowers have a bit of white around their petals that add to their unique look.  

Angelonia annuals are drought-tolerant plants and can grow in partial shade or full sun as long as they’re kept away from the hot afternoon sun.

8. Carefree Beauty:  

Annuals That Bloom All Summer
Red and purple fuchsias flower portrait

This annual flower is also known by its other names like Pinks, Fuchsias, or Nigella annuals. They come in colors of black burgundy or fuchsia with black centers and yellow stamens.

 Carefree beauty annuals are easy to grow from seeds since they don’t need rich soil to grow well indoors or out. When planted directly into the ground, carefree beauties will even sprout and grow annuals all summer long.

9. Cleome:

Cleomes have a mass of tiny flowers with round petals that are white, pink, or red on the outside and yellow in the center.

These annuals add color to gardens, flower beds, and even containers when you mix them with other annual flowers for an interesting look all season long.

10. Dianthus:  

Also known as Pinks annuals, Dianthus annuals usually have clusters of small blossoms with ruffled edges made up of frilled petals that look like they’re blowing in the wind from late spring to fall.

They can also be grown from seeds indoors or outdoors, so they bloom all summer long if you want to color in your garden or annuals in a bucket by your front door.

11. Calendula:

Calendulas are annual flowers that are easy to grow from seed, and growing them indoors lets you see how they mature without worrying about frost killing them off in the fall.

These plants can be grown from seeds outdoors once frosts have passed for a longer flowering season as well if you want an annual flower that’s known for its sunny looks.

12. Lupine:  

Annuals That Bloom All Summer
Summer sunset on a lupine meadow

Lupines can be annuals or perennials, and their colors range from pink to purple, with some species having colors that change based on the soil pH levels and where they’re planted!

Seed balls containing lupine annual flower seeds will germinate faster, and you can even grow annual lupines from seeds that are leftover if you save some for next year.

13. Gaillardia:  

If you want annual flowers native to North America, Gaillardia annuals are a great choice for your garden or annual flower bed.

They produce little yellow blossoms on tall, sturdy stems from early summer until they start getting frosty in the fall.

Their name comes from a French botanist named Pierre Edmond Bossier, looking for plants with medicinal properties when he found this annual and dubbed it after his mother as an act of filial piety!

14. Annual Sunflower:  

Field of young orange sunflowers on a sunset background.

You can grow annual sunflowers from annuals seeds if you want to add some height to your annual flower display or a splash of yellow in your garden.

Sunflowers are annual flowers available in different sizes and colors like gold, orange, and burgundy, with white blossoms on the inside. Some annual sunflowers are also dwarf varieties, so they take up less room than other types!

Annuals that bloom all summer are these here and you won’t have any trouble finding these flowers.

15. Phlox:  

Phlox annuals work well as annual flowers for shady gardens since their leaves tend to shade out weeds without stealing nutrients from nearby plants as many annual flowers do. !

18. Annual Cleome:  

Phlox annual flowers are also just as popular for their delicate and exquisite blooms that come in shades of pink, red, and white with a purple center.

They’ll lend an air of spring to your garden all summer long, even when some other annuals would call it quits due to cooler temperatures or shorter days!

16. Annual Geranium:  

Annuals That Bloom All Summer

Geranium annuals make great annual flowers for hanging baskets since their compact annual flowers will help you add color if you don’t have much space to work with.

Their tiny blossoms usually come in shades of pink, red, purple, or white along the edges, while the center is yellow or orange.

Their leaves are also annual flowers with a glossy finish and sport lobes on the edges that add some flair to containers, annual flower beds, or annuals in hanging baskets! Annuals that bloom all summer are these as well.

17. Larkspur:  

If you’re looking for annual flowers that won’t take up too much room, look for annual larkspurs since they don’t grow more than 12 inches tall even when they’re in bloom.

They produce rich violet annual flowers with yellow centers on plants that resemble clover once they mature from seed.

Larkspur annuals need full sunlight and well-drained soil, so plan your garden layout accordingly if you want these annuals to thrive all season long.

18. Foxglove:  

Foxglove annual flowers are annuals that love full sunlight and well-drained annual flower soil, so you’ll want to plant them in an area with a nice mix of both of these or amend your annual flower bed with some compost and peat moss if the soil is clay-like and difficult to dig through.

They produce purple annual flowers with white centers, but they’re poisonous, so keep them away from pets and children if you decide to grow these as annual flowers for your ornamental garden!

19. Sunflower:  

If there’s one annual flower with a gorgeous daisy-like look that comes to mind, it’s got to be the sunflower since their “faces” are unmistakable.

They produce annual flowers that come in all sorts of colors, and they usually grow over 3 feet tall, even in the ground! Sunflowers need lots of suns, so choose an area that gets at least 6 hours of annuals sunlight per day if you plan to grow them in your annual flower garden.

20. Sweet Alyssum:  

Sweet alyssum annual flowers are annuals that look great in the middle of annual flower arrangements. Their white blossoms contrast nicely with darker colored annual flowers like black-eyed Susan’s, foxgloves, and other interesting varieties. Annuals that bloom all summer you won’t find anything like these.

Alyssum annual flowers also provide edible garnish since most people eat the leaves for seasoning when they’re cooking, but keep in mind that annual alyssum is annuals for bees and butterflies, so if this annual flower variety doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of annual flowers that bloom at the same time as annual alyssum!

21. African Marigold:  

Orange marigold flowers.

African marigolds annuals work great in annual florom arrangements since their colors look good against lighter colored petals and darker green leaves.

They come in shades of orange, gold, and yellow, with white centers on plants that grow anywhere from 6 inches to 2 feet tall, depending on where they’re planted.

African marigolds also make a lot of sense when it comes to annual flowers for shade because their rich blossoms thrive best in partial sun or full shade annual flower gardens.

22. Balsam:  

If there’s a plant with rose-like annual flowers, it’s got to be the balsam annual flower variety since their 4 petaled blossoms resemble roses in both appearance and scent!

They come in shades of pink or white with deep burgundy centers on annuals that grow anywhere from 12 inches to 2 feet tall depending on annual soil conditions and how much sunlight they get, so keep these annual flowers for shade in an area with partial sun or full annual flower garden if you plan to grow them in your annual flower bed!

23. Butterfly Flower:  

Butterfly annual flowers make great annual flowers for butterflies because their center discs look like butterfly eggs, so annual butterfly flowers provide annuals for pollinators and annuals that feed butterflies!  

They come in shades of pink or white with dark centers on annuals that reach 6 inches to 3 feet tall depending on annual soil and sunlight conditions, so keep them in an area where they get at least 4 hours of annual flower sunshine per day if you plan to grow annual flowers like these.

24. Dahlia:  

A picture of the beautiful orange dahlia.

If you’re looking for a unique annual flower variety that will put the “wow” factor in your annual flower garden, try growing dahlias since their petals have a unique curl and frill look that no other annual flowers can give!  

Dahlias also produce edible garnish and showy annual flowers that can grow over 6 feet tall if they’re left to their own devices. Annuals that bloom all summer as these flowers will be hard to spot

 Dahlias annuals do best in annual flower gardens with rich soil, so if you plan to grow these annual flowers outdoors, make sure annual soil has plenty of compost mixed into it or prepare an area in your annual flower garden where dahlia annuals can get plenty of rich compost and other organic matter.

25. Forget-me-not:  

Closeup of blue flowers forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica)

These annual flowers are great for weddings since forget-me-not annuals come in white, pink, and purple varieties just like bridesmaid dresses! Forget-me-not annuals also have a symbolic meaning since they’re the traditional sign of true love until death because it’s said that you won’t forget annual flowers in this flower variety.

They come in blue, purple, and pink shades on annuals that grow 6 to 10 inches tall depending on annual soil conditions and sunlight annual flower gardens. These annual flower varieties also enjoy partial shade annuals for a cool summer!

26. Impatiens:  

Impatiens annual flowers are annuals ideal for hot temperatures since they can handle heat well and even thrive in warm weather.  

This annual flower variety is great because impatiens annual flowers have colorful blooms that look good against dark green leaves on plants that reach 12 inches to 2 feet tall, so plan to plant these when temperatures outside get warmer.  

27. Nasturtium:  

If your annual flower garden is looking drab, try planting nasturtium annual flowers since their bright blooms can add great color!  These annual flowers also have edible garnish and showy blossoms that perform well in annual flower gardens with rich soil.

Nasturtium annual flowers also come in many colors, including red, orange, and yellow, so keep these annual flowers for shade if you plan to plant them outdoors.

28. Poppy:  

     There are no better annual flowers for butterflies than annual poppy varieties since they enjoy bright hot-colored blooms that butterflies can easily spot from a distance!

These annuals also have edible garnish and showy blossoms on annuals that grow anywhere from 12 inches to 3 feet tall depending on annual soil and sunlight conditions, so keep poppies in full sun. 32. Sunflower:  

There’s nothing more fun than growing your own sunflowers, especially if annual flower gardens are annuals. You enjoy gardening outdoors and annuals you think will grow easily in your annual flower garden.  

These annual flowers are ideal if annual flower gardens are annuals you want to try growing since they’re easy to grow and produce seeds with edible garnish like sunflower seeds.  

Sunflowers annual flowers also have showy blossoms on plants that reach a height of 4 feet tall or more depending on annual soil conditions, so these annual flowers should be planted when temperatures outside start warming up.

29. Zinnia:  

Colorful zinnias in the garden.

     Zinnia annuals aren’t just ornamental annual flowers, and they’re also edible garnish if you choose the right variety!

Some common zinnias varieties annual flower include annuals that grow anywhere from 10 inches to 3 feet tall depending on annual soil conditions.

However, some annuals like zinnia annuals can be difficult to grow since they require full sunlight.

So keep these annual flowers in partial shade if you need more shade than what your annual flower garden is providing.   Annuals that bloom all summer can me be hard to find but for these flowers that isn’t the case.

30 Nasturtium :   

      There are no better annual flowers for butterflies than annual carpet bugle varieties since they shelter insects from rain and wind with their stiff foliage! 

You’ll also love growing this annual plant family if hot temperatures aren’t a problem because carpet bugles’ annual plants enjoy warm weather and can even thrive in heat!

31. Calendula:      

Calendula officinalis

 There are annual flower gardens annuals. No annual flowers are more ideal for butterflies than annual calendula annuals since they attract a wide variety of insects, including some butterflies feed on! 

Keep in mind that not all varieties of annual calendulas annual plants are edible garnish, so make sure you know which types you’re planting before growing this annual plant family.  

32. Cleome:      

These annual purple flowers have the best blooms of any annual flower family since they bloom over a period of time and boast showy blossoms with their sweet fragrance! Annuals that bloom all summer like these are great when you find them growing.

 These annual flowers also work well in full sun to partial shade conditions and thrive in hot temperatures.

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